Grief is normal

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The Bromley Bereavement Service is a community bereavement service offering free telephone and face-to-face support for those living in the London Borough of Bromley or cared for by a Bromley GP.

We offer support to adults and children.

Referrals: 020 8768 4591

Helpline: 020 8768 4595 Monday to Friday during normal office hours & Tuesday evenings*

Grief is normal

Grief is a natural reaction

The death of someone close can sometimes seem like the most painful thing that has ever happened to you. It can feel bewildering and perhaps frightening.

How you feel is understandable

Most people will experience similar feelings – initial shock and disbelief, perhaps numbness, through to periods of utter confusion, intense pain and questioning.

Grieving takes time

Grieving is not usually a smooth process; it takes time to adjust gradually to life without the person who has died.

Grief is a natural reaction to loss.
There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Your questions answered

How can bereavement support help?

Every loss is a very personal experience and no two people experience loss in the same way.

Many people find that it helps to talk with someone who is not part of their family or close circle of friends.

Sometimes people find that at first they do not want support but later change their mind. If this happens to you, please contact us.

How long will I need support?

We offer up to 12 sessions of counselling.

When one-to-one support has finished some people move from one-to-one support to attending a group, joining our social programme or occasionally checking in with us by ringing our helpline.

The emphasis is very much on finding what works for you.

How much does it cost?

The Bromley Bereavement Service is a free service.

The service is commissioned by and paid for by the Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group and delivered with some financial support from St Christopher’s.

Where will I be able to access support?

Support is offered in convenient locations across the borough, including Orpington, Beckenham and Sydenham.

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020 8768 4591

Helpline: 020 8768 4595Monday to Friday during normal office hours
and Tuesday evenings *